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Guiding Speakers to Confidence

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Show Don't Tell: A Guide to Purpose Driven Speech

new approach to public speaking

No matter what your dream, the yellow brick road that leads you there is paved with effective verbal communication. If you learn to inform, persuade, entertain and inspire, the road will have fewer flying monkeys. Today, it's easier and quicker to text, tweet or Facebook than it is to talk face-to-face. But, the easier it is to communicate with your fingers, the more difficult it is to speak comfortably and effectively with your mouth. Show Don't Tell: A Guide to Purpose Driven Speech demystifies the public speaking process with its very straightforward approach and keeps today's students focused on their purpose rather than on their nerves.

You'll find everything you need to know about focus, the correct way to say your name, pronunciation, tone, body language and more. No matter what type of speech you want to give - demonstration, informative, persuasive, motivational, the pitch, the introduction, the toast - this guide shows how to take an idea, plug it into a template, and deliver it into not only the minds, but hearts, of your audience.

The revised and updated edition of Show Don't Tell: A Guide to Purpose Driven Speech is soon to be released. Originally published in 2010, this is the book that's praised by professors, students, and the former educational advisor to President Clinton.