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Show Don't Tell: A Guide to Purpose Driven Speech is an entertaining guide that shows the steps needed to take the giant leap from the back row to the podium. This book offers a unique perspective on how to become a confident and interesting speaker.

After fifteen years of teaching public speaking, I was unhappy with the textbooks available on this subject for today's student. Unlike pricey public speaking textbooks that can overwhelm the reader with information, this book gives advice as if talking to a friend. It places the student, who is either in the classroom or independently studying, in an atmosphere of security while learning to share rather than fear.

Jeri Warren

This guide leads the student through the process of choosing a topic, plugging information into a template or outline, and delivering the:

• Demonstration speech• Persuasive speech
• Informative speech• Motivational speech

There's also guidance that helps with everyday communication, showing how to:

• Say your name correctly!• Speak extemporaneously
• Introduce informally and formally• Pitch
• Interview• Conduct a business meeting

Exercises done each step of the way keep the focus on the purpose of the speech, rather than on the fear of speaking before an audience. These exercises include:

• The Nightmare • Show Me á la M.M.S
• Watch Out Shakespeare • Rock The Boat
• Pet Peeve • The Road Not Taken

Show Don't Tell: A Guide to Purpose Driven Speech is the vital guide with just 8 chapters and 33 exercises that will ease readers into their public speaking comfort zones and guide them to speak like a pro.