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Dr. David Mertes - former Chancellor of California Community Colleges and educational advisor to President Clinton

Finally, a text that captures the energized style of teaching that has motivated Jeri Warren's students to learn and excel in public speaking. SHOW DON'T TELL eases you into expressing yourself vocally, and is the perfect guide to lead you into engaging verbal communication. After reading this book, you'll want to put down your mobile device and communicate face-to-face.

Cheryl Seawell

Speaking in public is scary for some. This is a great book for people looking for directions on how to do it. The book covers basic skills (getting up to say your name) to great presentation tips for your next (or first) interview. It's witty and simple to follow. Good guide to have on hand, even if you don't take the course!

Lily Goderstad

It's rare to find a textbook (if you could call it that) which can balance the informative and the colloquial so well. This book succeeds at this in every chapter. It gives you an idea of how you make a speech more than just a dull string of factoids, while engaging you in way that seems more like a conversation than a lecture.

Also it's quirky, which is a welcome addition to any informative text.


As a teacher of public speaking myself, I highly recommend this effective and entertaining textbook. Professor Warren's energized style of writing itself demonstrates what is required of a good speaker. She is at pains always to keep the material relevant to today's college students, even as she challenges them (which she often does), and as she herself is challenged. For the greatest challenge of a teacher of public speaking is to persuade and motivate your students to be persuasive and motivating. One gets the impression that Ms Warren succeeds at these quite well in the classroom, and has successfully translated her classroom teaching method into print.

Brittny A.

I can say that I had the honor to have Jeri Warren as my public speaking teacher. Her book was truly a blessing in disguise which made learning to speak publicly easy. I was anxious and had never had the courage to get up and speak in front of anyone. Jeri and her book made all of my anxieties and fears vanish. I went from being a complete anxiety-ridden introvert, to confident speaker. Speech isn't just something you need to earn your degree, but a tool you will use in everyday life; in interviews, and conversation. Everyone should read this book, and if lucky enough, have the honor to be taught by Jeri herself! Bravo Jeri, you should be so proud of your achievement!!!

Nikki R.

I read "Show Don't Tell: A Guide to Purpose Driven Speech" as a companion to Jeri Warren's speech class and found both her writing and teaching style the greatest way to learn effective public speaking. If you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to take her class, do it. If you cannot, the book can be just as effective by itself if you follow her outline and speech exercises. Remarkably, becoming an effective public speaker can happen as soon as you complete and apply the techniques of this book. Also, the compact size of this book means you can take it with you whenever you need to refer back to it. I loved this book so much I bought one for myself and another for my sister who had great results using Jeri's technique too. Get this book, apply Jeri's technique to your public speaking, and recommend it to everyone you know!

James Higgins

This is a textbook for a speech class, but it reads like a novel. Ms. Warren writes with charm and wit, using the modern vernacular, giving very practical advice on how to engage one's audience in a variety of types of speeches. I personally had to learn most of the advice she offers the hard way; I wish her book had been available then. It is a highly recommended text for multiple levels of education and training, particularly in the business world.


This is a must have for anyone looking to improve their public speaking skills. It sets you up on the road to success no matter how much experience or lack thereof you have in public speaking. I found that with a combination of stories, exercises, and vital information, this book has the perfect combination to make it a fun read and provide all the help and steps you need to improve. I highly recommend this to anyone from the high school level on up who wants to know what it takes to become an elite public speaker and truly wow your audience!

Dovco (Annapolis, MD)

I came at this book as someone who never had an opportunity to take the class (never had the opportunity to take any public speaking classes) and found this book was kind of like a clouds parting moment. It starts with the basics and takes you through the fundamentals of expression working up to the complex. The exercises are fun and I was surprised how challenging I found some of them. I am an attorney and so much of my job depends not only on being able to relay an argument clearly and ask concise questions, but to paint a picture of a concept that holds someone's attention. This book helps break down the art of speaking into bite size pieces and is an enjoyable read.

Eric L.

If you have any second thoughts (and even if you don't!) about public speaking then this is the book for you! This book actually goes beyond public speaking. It's a step by step guide on building confidence, organization, goal orientated behavior, and skills you can use anywhere (an interview for instance). I had the pleasure of reading this handy guide to public speaking when I took a class with the author. Show Don't Tell is a really great guide to assessing and reassessing your speaking skills along with yourself. It has a lot of really fun exercises to help one become more comfortable with themselves and their audience. I'm a pretty shy person myself, but once you try out the exercise where you have a yelling conversation with a good friend you know you're on the road to confidence. Confidence: This book is full of it.

I could go on for a while about this so: A very quick and personal read, great exercises to get you out of your shell. If you're a little shy, lacking some confidence, or need some goals, you have to get this book!



The book is amazing. It kept me hooked from the beginning to the very end. I laughed, cried of laughter. I really was fascinated on how much I could relate to it.


A must have on your bookshelf!

This book offers a great opening statement in texting format to capture the audience. The personalization throughout the book makes it entertaining, informative, and easy to relate to. Providing various reasons as to why one might not want to engage in public speaking, along with examples of how to overcome those particular reasons is brilliant. The templates and outlines provide in book are great tools in preparing for a speech.


Could Change Your Life!

Jeri Warren does a awesome job of breaking a speech down so that it can understood from the ground level. Her method is a step by step process so that the reader can grow and find what areas they may struggle with. Best of all, her concepts work not only to develop a superb speech, but self-confidence and character as well.